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5 Mar



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


One of the major banks is running an ad that states “Richness is: Kissing our

mortgage goodbye. Own   a home, not a mortgage. Be mortgage-free faster  

and easier.”


After we pressed the ‘Ask us now’ link to see what more   info the bank offered,

we could not find any further explanation that   specifically tied to the ‘lead in’ other   

than a choice of mortgage products, a mortgage   calculator and a prompt to call a

home financial ‘advisor’ to learn more.


That’s because there is nothing ‘new’ folks, it’s   same old, same old slickly worded

advertising designed to get you to call. The words   ‘Easier’ and ‘Simpler’ sound

so pleasing to the brain, but don’t be fooled. A bank   mortgage today, is anything but.


The only way you can pay off a bank mortgage faster is   to dip into your own pocket   

to find more money to make extra principle prepayments.   As we have said many  

times in recent years, with interest rates so low,   accelerated payments have little or

no effect on reducing the mortgage balance quicker.  The only way you can pay off

your bank mortgage faster is via accelerated payments   or prepayments. Now there is a much

better way.


THE PRICE TEAM – DOMINION LENDING CENTRES in Partnership   with is the   only mortgage source in all of Centre Wellington and

Wellington North   that can truly help you ‘KISS YOUR MORTGAGE GOODBYE’                                                                                          faster, much faster. And you can now do   so without changing your current

mortgage, within your current budget, and without   accelerated payments. If you live

in Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Rockwood, Alma, Mount   Forest, Clifford, Palmerston,

Harriston, Listowel and environs you will qualify for   this amazing program/solution.


It’s all true, and not only that but we can also help   you eliminate all your debt in a

fraction of the time it would otherwise take.   Typically consumer debt gets eliminated

for example in 3 years from 10 years, and a 25 year   mortgage to less than half or

even a third of the time, saving not only tens of   thousands  but in many cases by

over one hundred thousand dollars.


Who should you call for you next mortgage need? The   answer has never been

clearer than now. If you are thinking of selling,   buying, refinancing, renewing; even

if you are not, we can still help you put big savings   into your wallet, instead of

the banks’ coffers. To learn more please call us to   attend one of our upcoming free,

no obigation seminars, today.