14 May



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


We know it as the quintessential Canadian dream. It represents our very own private domain;  a place where we feel safe, we feel pride of ownership, a place where we live and love, laugh and cry, and raise our families. It is all of these things and more. 

The ‘more’ is of course the financial aspect. Home ownership enables us to create wealth ’tax free’ through market appreciation which everyone clearly understands.  However the building of wealth/equity is more so a result of how professionally managed our decisions to purchase, finance and pay this debt down/off over time.In truth, it is far more complex and wide ranging than just ‘buying’ a home, and arranging’ a mortgage. 

Choosing the property is one thing. Getting the most expert advice on financing options, products and privileges is equally if not even more important in creating your equity. In other words, if you do not do your homework, and you do not understand the consequences of selling before the mortgage term is up etc., then the end result will likely be significantly diminished, costing you tens of thousands of dollars. 

When you use our services to buy your home, not only can we help you assemble the best team of professionals to assist you, but you are assured of receiving the best mortgage rate, product and service tailored to you needs. We make sure that the lender we recommend to you has the most flexible mortgage product, and most favourable penalty privileges, and has great customer service. You cannot get such a value proposition from the Banks as it is not in ‘their’ best interests to do so because of their profit motives. 

As mortgage brokers, we have no such ‘profit’ motivations as we are generally compensated in equal fashion by the lender regardless of product. Our desire is to satisfy you with our superior expertise, advice, and service such that you will not hesitate to select us again and/or recommend or refer others to us. We do our absolute utmost to help you build your wealth wisely and successfully 

So when we meet people who ask ‘Why are you any different or better than the Bank’, when we finish answering the question, and they fully understand ‘Why’, then it becomes ‘Why not?’ Hence our motto, “We Don’t Just Do Mortgages, We Change Lives”. 


3 May



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Last Saturday’s official opening of our new HomeSMART booth at the Fergus Walmart was a big success. 

The weather was perfect, many people enjoyed a lift in the RE/MAX hot air balloon, received gifts and prizes, and generously contributed to the Heart & Stroke Charitable Foundation. 

Comments on the impressive presentation new listings get on our big TV screen and the overall very professional presentation of real estate to the public in this new venue has been received with great enthusiasm.  

Most people only need one good reason to pick a Realtor and a mortgage lender, now we give you over 20,000 reasons, that is consumers, passing through Walmart weekly, the highest traffic location in town. 

It’s all about convenience and exposure and we now also advertise how much the home you sell or will buy, costs per month. Many people are surprised to see the payments are so low even with today’s record low rates. In the end it’s always about affordability and what one can afford, comfortably. 

Whether you are thinking about moving up to that dream home or simply buying for the first time, contact anyone of our team members for a professional assessment of your circumstances, get pre-approved and/or put your game plan in place ahead of time so as to achieve maximum results. It’s the perfect time of year to make a move. 

Imagine having your next 5 year mortgage at only 2.89%, or 10 years of fixed payments at an amazing 3.69%. With our new SMARTEquity™ Program, learn how you can pay off your next home in less than half the time without any extra out of pocket costs to you, saving you up to $100,000 or more. SMARTEquity™ is available exclusively by The Price Team in Wellington County, Centre Wellington and Wellington North. 

Owning a home is much more than putting a roof over your head. It’s an investment in your future and a vehicle that generates wealth. How much wealth largely depends ‘the financial plan’ you put in place withthe professionals you decide to assist you.  

Contact our HomeSMART/Re/Max team and SMARTEquity™ Price Team today for a ‘Win/Win’ new home solution that will put a smile on your face, money in your pocket and become debt free much sooner than you ever though possible