30 Jul

How Mama Got Her New Kitchen for Free


Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Joan came to us from the City of Guelph after being turned down by her bank.

She had big plans to renovate her house and wasn’t about to give up after the branch she had been dealing with said it couldn’t be done. Joan and her husband had excellent credit and good incomes. But they had a lot of debt because banks love to roll out all kinds of credit to people to with good incomes and great credit.

We looked at her situation and found a way to pay off all their debt and get Joan enough money for the new kitchen. The couple were in shock when we told them their total payments were going down by over 1500 dollars per month. And funny enough, her new kitchen would be tongue in cheek, FREE.

“There must be a catch,” they said. We told them,” no catch”. The difference between us and the banks is we work in the client’s best interests first and foremost. The bank works for their profits…billions of dollars of your money. So we told them it made absolutely no sense for the bank to pay off your higher cost debt because that’s how banks make their money.

Well still not convinced, Joan and husband went back to the bank, to give them one last chance to do their new mortgage. Once again, the bank told them, it cannot be done.

So the clients refinanced with us, paying all their debt off and coming out with a $150,000 in cash for their new renovations.

We hear the new kitchen is just about complete.

26 Jul

Dreamin of a Cottage!


Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Yes, you can buy a cottage!

Most people do not realize how easy it is to purchase a waterfront property in Ontario.  There is so much variety in Ontario and really across Canada.   I grew up with a cottage on a lake near Parry Sound.  Every weekend, my parents would load us 5 kids into our station wagon and make the 3-hour drive to the cottage.    Cottage life is so great for children.  Baiting your first fish, with the worm squiggling, feeding the chipmunks peanuts, jumping off cliffs and of course board games.   So many great memories of canoeing, paddle boating and we had a big party pontoon boat we cruised around on at sunset.  As I became a parent, the cottage became the only vacation I could afford for my four children.  Again, a time to slow down life and experience the outdoors. They had so much good fun there.  My children are grown and thankfully my parents who are now in their 80ies still have the cottage.  The newest generation, my grandchildren are now experiencing cottage life.

We have helped many clients achieve the dream of owning their own cottage.  It only takes a down payment of 5% if it is a four-season property.  Some of our clients are purchasing up north or some even out east in Nova Scotia.    Usually with a little restructuring of the current mortgage we can find the funds or lower the payments on the current mortgage to make room for people to easily pay for both properties.   If you want to own a cottage, we will find a way to help you. Come in and discuss your options.

Right now, Ron and I are looking for a cottage, well it’s mostly me because it provides such great times for family.   So, we will see who wins.  I will let you know.