10 Jan



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


It’s that time of year again when many of us are faced with credit card bills that may be the ‘Choking’ result of Christmas and holiday shopping. If you are finding that you cannot pay the balance(s) in full, then it may be time to ask us for a ‘Mortgage Checkup’. Not only will we evaluate your debt load, but also your existing mortgage terms, maturity etc. This is especially true if your mortgage is maturing this year.

Mortgage rates remain at ‘Epic’ lows which translates into an opportunity to secure your financial future perhaps for the next 10 years. With continued global financial turmoil which could well get worse, we are seeing more and more people becoming proactive with their finances by taking advantage of current unbelievable rates. This is called a mortgage ‘Switch’ which can be done at NO COST to you in most cases. Moving to a lower rate now instead of waiting another year or longer could COST YOU BIG if rates rise.

If your current rate is higher than 3.89% you can lock into a new 10 year fixed rate with us at this incredible rate gaining the peace of mind that your payment will not go up for an entire decade.

A year or two from now this 10 year rate may well be below all rates, and you will be laughing.

Note, the banks can only refinance up to 80% while we can refinance you up to 90% of value.