26 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Ryan Lockhart doesn’t need a get-away car or face mask to feel comfortable robbing his bank. Ryan is a student of Scott Peckford who wrote the book of the same title. The book is a ‘game plan’ to help people turn the tables on their bank to keep more of their hard earned money.

“After taxes, the largest percentage  of most Canadians’ income goes into their bank’s coffers” he writes, “When you add up your car loan, mortgage, insurance and credit card payments, it amounts to a lot of money – your money”.  And this is just the interest. When you factor in ‘Fees’ , penalties, advise not in your best interest, and lest we forget, the new ‘Collateral Mortgage’ product the banks are now using, well there is no wonder the banks continue to make record profits ‘on our backs’.

Folks when you get a mortgage through us, you get the best rate and terms, but the lowest penalties if you move within the term. The banks want to make money from you, whereas we save you money so the end result from getting a mortgage through The Price Team is vastly superior.

Now hear is something your bank really doesn’t want to hear. With our new CASH MANAGEMENT & DEBT REDUCTION SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS you can beat the banks at their own game because now you can pay off your mortgage in less than half the time without any extra, accelerated principal payments and WITHIN YOUR CURRENT BUDGET.

With this amazing new program, WE GUARANTEE YOU A LOWER (MUCH LOWER) EFFECTIVE RATE THAN ANY BANK CAN OFFER YOU. In fact if we save most of our new mortgage clients $100,000 in interest or more, that will MAKE THE BANKS A LOT ‘LESS’ RICHER’ won’t it? Like the man from ING used to say “KEEP YOUR MONEY” but wait a minute, he was a banker too, so he was speaking out  of both sides of his mouth. 

For straight forward, truthful, helpful advice and maximum results, please do yourself a favour and call us first.

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21 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Attend our seminar next Thursday Feb 27th and we will show you how to pay off a 25 year mortgage in less than 10 years and save over $100,000+ WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR CURRENT MORTGAGE, WITHOUT REFINANCING, WITHOUT ACCELERATED PRE-PAYMENTS all within your current budget.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it’s not folks. But it does take some work, some dedication and consistency in paying all your financial obligations. That’s it, that’s all it takes. Seeing is believing, and once you see, you will be amazed.

Learn how you can POWER DOWN the effective interest rates on your loans, credit cards, lines of credit and mortgage with our new DEBT REDUCTION & ELIMINATION SOFTWARE.

It starts with attending one of our NO OBLIGATION seminars next Thursday. You will leave with a new conviction and realization that you can be DEBT FREE MUCH SOONER.

If you are in your fifties, and you have a 25 year mortgage, and little or no savings, you are likely worried about retirement. We will show you how in less than 15 years you can have A CAREFREE LIFESTYLE WITHOUT DEBT AND A RETIREMENT FUND.

REVERSE THE TREND of having to work longer in life out of necessity. Our program works for young and old alike.

If you are a young family that cannot get ahead, you can benefit most. And for those of you who are under extreme financial stress, we can help you too. Tremendously!

The seminar is designed to inform you, and to provide you with all the information you need including a FREE ANALYSIS and a CUSTOMIZED CONFIDENTIAL REPORT showing your personal projected savings.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So register to attend now. Space is limited. If you are ‘coupled’ please make sure you bring your spouse. See you soon!

12 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Most Canadians ‘Dream’ someday living without financial   stress and not having to worry about money. But for most, it remains just   that, a Dream, that is never fulfilled.

According to Equifax the average Canadian consumer debt at   the end of 2012 – not counting mortgages – was up nearly 6 per cent from a   year earlier to $27,485. This  figure   is for an adult individual, so the average Canadian couple then carries a   whopping $54,970. REMEMBER THIS EXCLUDES MORTGAGES.

With this amount of high interest consumer debt, most   people are on a never ending               treadmill paying either minimum balances or interest only. They are   stuck in a rut and                    can’t get out of it. They are living paycheque to paycheque and are simply   unable to get                 ahead.   Financial stress is unending and the treadmill turns faster and faster with   time.  

Sound hopeless? Not any longer. Here this! Now for   the first time you can pay off not only            your consumer debt but also your   mortgage TWICE AS FAST with our revolutionary new

Debt Management Software and save tens (even   hundreds) of thousands of dollars. And

get this, we can help you do this WITHOUT   CHANGING YOUR MORTGAGE. We will help you create a new budget (that   works) and show you how to apply proprietary interest

reduction techniques that will help you pay off your   debts much sooner.


Yes folks, we are in the mortgage business, only now   we have taken our services

to the next level with a complete HOLISTIC   FINANCIAL SOLUTION THAT WILL

CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Your bank will tell you that the only way to pay   down/off your

mortgage sooner, is through weekly/bi-weekly   accelerated payments, which by the way

is ‘out of pocket’. Our new system allows you to do   the same thing WITHOUT MAKING

ACCELERATED PREPAYMENTS. With our system, you can do the same thing and more

all within your current budget. Yes it’s   true. WE GUARANTEE IT!


Beyond staying within your budget, we will show you   other ‘smart’ ways to

SUPERCHARGE DEBT REDUCTION & ELIMINATION that will make your banker hate



OUR NEW MISSION  is to get you   off the the treadmill and onto SECURE FINANCIAL

FOOTING FAST! And   then create a wealth portfolio for your retirement.


Even if you are in good financial shape, this amazing   new program will still save you

thousands of dollars that you can put in your pocket,   not the banks’.


To learn more, call to register for our first seminar   on Wed February 27th, 7pm.







7 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


This is the first article of several planned to expose bank practices, quoting from the words of authors/sources in the financial milieu. After you read the poinient words and examples all factual, we hope you will decide to entrust your next mortgage to an independent professional mortgage broker that looks out for your best interests, always.

According to Charles A Bell, author and founder of MoneySmart©,  the banks pay minimal taxes despite astronomical profits in the billions of dollars each and every quarter of every year.  How can that be? He asserts that “bank competition is virtually non-existent”, and that they make most of their profits through “outright deception, withholding information and even planned intimidation”.  

Big, bold statements for sure but hear this. Bell says that some of the tactics that are ‘systematically’ used are: 

1. Making you wait at least 15 minutes or more to see a loans officer.

2. Designing forms so long and difficult (impossible) to read, if not impossible to understand.

3. Securing more collateral than necessary as security for a loan.  

4. Misleading advertising – refraining from full, accurate disclosure and stating half-truths.

5. Automatically adding credit life and disability insurance to a loan without asking you, and telling you that it is optional, or worse, telling you that you must take it.

Nasty stuff isn’t it? And we haven’t even got to the subject of mortgages yet. Next week we will go into how the banks ‘Hold’ your deposit cheques unnecessarily for days on end, for their profit, and why you should NEVER allow your bank to pay your real estate taxes through your mortgage payment. 




7 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


CREDIT CARDS & LINES OF CREDIT (HELOC’s) are the two worst kinds of credit because of high interest and fees, annual fees, late fees etc. They give a false sense of buying power. Believe it or not, some people actually think of this type of credit as ‘income’. Buy now pay later schemes lure people deeper. When ‘later’ arrives the balance is not paid off and the cycle of interest charges and minimum payments begins. It starts innocently enough, believing you will pay them off every month, and you can’t or don’t for whatever reasons. It may simply be a lack of discipline; other unexpected bills get in the way, but the main reason people fall behind and enter the ‘cycle’ is because they do not have a budget. Before you know it, you are saying “Where did that $40,000 balance come from.

Many people tell us that their mortgage is only ‘X’ believing that is the only debt on their house when in fact they also have a HELOC which they thought was unsecured when it is/was. Unfortunately we all need credit cards to establish and maintain a good credit rating, but beyond credit cards the HELOC just makes it too easy, especially because the interest rate is prime plus 3% as opposed to 19-29+%. Very few people are able to pay more than the minimum balance, and worse, it is interest only. Ouch. You never pay off the debt. And the Big Banks are smiling! Dollar advances, is another ‘trick’ that allows the banks to charge full interest from day one at the highest rate. All payment are applied to ‘purchase balances’ first.  

Now that you are making minimum payments only, you have entered the ‘slippery slope’. Next comes borrowing on your overdraft, and visits to the cash money stores (who charge usurous rates). Canadians  had the luxury of being able to refinance their mortgage to pay off/down high interest debt in the past, but this technique has been sharply curtailed by the feds to a maximum 80% of value AND since real estate appreciation has flattened out, many are faced with having to obtain a private mortgage to stay afloat. More and more will be forced to sell or lose their homes likely ending up in bankruptcy.

Two more examples how the banks take your money are HOLDING CHECKS & PAYING YOUR REALTY TAXES FOR YOU. Did you know most cheques ‘clear’ within 48 hours but are ‘held’ up to 10 days. That means the bank makes more profit off you because they have the use of your money ‘free’ for 8 days. PAYING YOUR REAL ESTATE TAXES is another big one, and while you may opt ‘for convenience’ to have the bank pay them for you, it costs you dearly. You pay monthy, the bank pays twice a year.  The banks also charges you more to build up a tax ‘credit’ account . Don’t do it. It costs you hundreds and hundreds of dollars more every year.

Folks it’s really our own fault if we allow the banks to take advantage of us, pure and simple. And the best way to prevent this from happening is to be informed and GET ON A BUDGET. More on this next week.