About Price Team Mortgages

Our story is one of love…

The story began over 20 years ago when Ron's and Tracy's entrepreneurial spirits and passion for making a difference in people's lives set them on a course to build their business.

Price Team Mortgages was born out of heart, soul, sweat, and tears, and mostly of passion and pride in helping others.

Our evolution...

In the beginning, doing business was very tough. We had a very minimal employment base in the small town we were located in. Our clients consisted of people who were self-employed or on disability. Today we do mortgages for people from all walks of life from blue-collar workers to single parents to high dual-income professionals, doctors, lawyers, you name it. 

We have grown every year, becoming not only the largest producer in the region, but we are also ranked top 20 producers out of 2,500 brokers with Dominion Lending Centres- Canada's largest mortgage lender.

Our role...

We are first and foremost a consumer advocate- a lifelong voice of knowledge and source of strength and support for our clients. We pride ourselves on educating and empowering homeowners and those and those who aspire to own their home.
Our clients consistently share their positive experiences with our team, and that warms our hearts.

 We are here for you! If you require mortgage help or have any questions about our services, don't hesitate to contact us today for free expert advice, without obligation!


We're always here for you and happy to serve you. Call us anytime at 1-866-244-3289 or email at tracy@priceteammortgages.ca.

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