27 May



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

As mortgage professionals with 25 years experience, we see it all. In the present economy we are seeing more and more people selling their homes, not because they want to, but because they ‘believe’ they have to. If you have approached your bank and have been turned down and put your home on the market, you still have several other options to consider before giving up the house you love.

The Bank is ‘Not’ your friend, especially when you have ‘issues’ such as job loss, job injury, prolonged illness, separation/divorce, even death of a spouse who was the main bread winner. The banks think and operate ‘inside the box’ whereas we do so ‘outside’ the box. The banks will only tell you that ‘your credit is not satisfactory’ or ‘sorry we cannot help you’ without going into any detail with you, leaving you in the dark, confused and stressed. Most of all, you must understand that all the banks are out’for themselves’ first, foremost, and always.

We on the other hand, have your best interests in mind, and we use our experience and ingenuity to structure deals that we can get approved through more ‘common sense’ lenders when you have issues. Even if you are in a consumer proposal, bankruptcy, or pre-power of sale circumstance, we can still help you keep your home. We have over 40 institutional lenders(and private lenders)and products that meet a multitude of circumstances.

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