16 Oct



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Diane was a soft spoken 40 year woman who came to us to see if she could qualify for a house.  She is self employed earned about $40,000 in gross income. Unfortunately, she wrote down her income to  $11,000. so she did not qualify for a mortgage on her own. Her income had been rising steadily since her divorce two years ago and she was approximately two years away from buying a home on her own.

Diane told us that her ex husband had been living in their home for the past two years and she really wanted to get her home back.  Diane didn’t have the money to get lawyers involved so she had been living in an apartment with her teenage daughter.  There was some good equity in the home, so we suggested Diane make a deal with her husband to give him some of their equity in lieu of spousal support to enable her husband to also move on with his life. It was a long shot but we suggested if the deal was sweetened, hubby might agree to leave the home.  Well  Hubby liked the deal and agreed to give Diane her house back and  almost immediately he went out and purchased a new home with the money Diane agreed to give.

So we went about refinancing Diane’s home.  Since her income would not qualify we asked Diane to ask her parents to co-sign.  Although they were on pensions they were pleased to help their daughter and it worked.

Hubby moves into his new home at the end of the month and Diane and her daughter move back into theirs.  We gave her a Win/Win solution that she was thrilled with.  That’s what we like to do…help people improve their lives.