21 Nov



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


The times are a changin, for sure. It used to be that infidelity was the primary reason for divorce. No longer!

Today’s reality of overspending on engagement rings and weddings ensures marital discord. Statistics show that on average the price tag on wedding rings is approaching $5,000, double that of just 10 years ago. And on average weddings now run $30,000+. Add to this the hangover of student debt plus the necessity of buying a new car and all the accompaniments of a new place add immeasurably to one’s debt load.

Talk about digging a hole at the beginning of a new relationship!

A recent Kansas City University study of newlyweds suggests that when couples begin arguing early in the marriage about money, it usually leads to a rocky marriage. Unfortunately this is ‘after’ the expensive engagement ring and wedding. The dye has already been set.

Experts suggest that if you are planning on getting married, consider instead saving for a down payment by cutting back on engagement/wedding costs. In fact they say “Elope rather than having an expensive and elaborate wedding”…for your friends. Even more importantly, discuss the subject of money and spending habits with your potential significant other, before you get married. This is hugely important since long term marriage is a partnership and one where it is so important to be on the same page together.

How we feel about finances is usually shaped by our experiences growing up. Many of us have ‘triggers’ that, if not understood, will inevitably lead to arguments and worse.

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