28 Jan



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


Last week’s unexpected Bank of Canada’s prime rate reduction is the first since 2008 and puts rates lower than ever before in our lifetimes. 

Needless to say, there has never been a better time than now to refinance to pay off high interest consumer debt or to buy a home or an investment property. It appears that our domestic economic malaise and dropping loonie will continue well into 2016 or beyond.  

Our lowest 5 year fixed is now 2.84% versus the banks 4.79% and our best variable rate is 2.30%. 

There are now more reasons than ever for you to seriously consider avoiding a bank mortgage and choosing us, since we can beat the banks not just on rate but on terms, prepayment privileges, mortgage break penalties, choice of mortgage products, advice and service. 

Question: If we can get you the best rate, help you avoid the dreaded collateral mortgage which gets registered above the value of your house (thus rendering you with zero equity) and excessive penalties, saving you tens of thousands of dollars during the term, why would anyone go to a bank for a mortgage? 

We continue to grow and to be the number one source/mortgage producer in the region as consumer awareness increases about the benefits we provide making our service/solution superior to the banks. 

The big question to be asked anymore (sorry we’re biased) should be “Why would you even go to the bank when you have us?” 

And the benefits we offer go even further. We have a ‘Heart’ and we ‘Care’ about you and of course we put your interests first, not the other way around. Our motto is ‘We don’t just do mortgages, we improve lives’. This why word of mouth referrals have grown to more than half our volume. 

Speaking of referrals, we are now offering on a limited time basis a free one week vacation in northern Ontario or Quebec from now until March 31st for every new referral that funds. The vacation can be for any time of the year, based on availability, and applies to all ‘new’ referrals. 

Please call Ron for details and to register your referral client. 

We look forward to meeting you soon. Enjoy the rest of winter.