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13 Feb


Success Stories

Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

It’s more common than we realize and it’s very difficult to talk about. While most victims of domestic abuse are women, we acknowledge that this does happen to men as well. In this article, we will be sharing our experiences from a woman’s point of view. This is a highly emotional topic and one that our team has seen all too often, both through our business and also personally.

Domestic abuse. It’s highly likely that someone you know has been or is a victim of domestic abuse in some way, shape or form. Maybe that someone you know is you.

Whether it’s physical, verbal, emotional, financial or a combination of many, there are some common emotions victims share: fear, shame, guilt, lack of self-esteem and helplessness.

What you might be shocked to learn, is that if you are on title for your home, there is hope and we can find solutions you might not have dreamed of.

For instance, Ingrid had been making all payments on the home that she owned with her husband. For many reasons, she finally left him. She took on a rental payment for an apartment while she sought help for how to keep her home.

In the meantime, her credit suffered as she struggled to pay her monthly (mostly joint) consumer debts – credit cards, lines of credit, and vehicle loans etc. It was impossible for her to keep up. The stress of this on top of her personal situation was too much to handle.

She came to us for mortgage advice and we helped her to devise a plan for her finances, which helped give her a sense of empowerment. With these tips, she managed to find the confidence and strength to negotiate a legally binding agreement that enabled her to keep the equity in her home.

We found an alternate lending solution to help for the short-term while she rebuilds her credit. With steady payments and stable employment, the goal is to get her into a prime mortgage within 3 years.

Ingrid was committed and willing to do the work, and that’s what is making her case a success story. To quote Ingrid, “The Price Team was able to perform a miracle that has me keeping my home. I highly recommend them.”

No matter how dire your situation is, there is help. We can provide you with financial guidance if you have ownership in a home. Reach out if you are in need. We truly care and are here to help.