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16 Jan


Success Stories

Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

More and more retired couples are coming to us to explore their options as they settle into this new stage of life. Struggling with reduced cash flow, forced to put home repairs on lines of credit and credit cards, they just don’t feel very secure about their so-called ‘golden years’. Many couples have strived for decades to become mortgage-free, yet, are saddled with high-interest consumer debt. The truth is, you cannot take your equity to Zehrs to buy groceries! They key is to unlock YOUR equity and make it work for you. We can help. Sound familiar? Call us now!

Here’s an excerpt from a spunky retired couple that recently refinanced with us. They now have complete peace of mind and are ready to rock their retirement.

“We are so grateful to our dear friends for referring us to Price Team Mortgages. They pulled off what we thought would be the impossible and at the end of the day, we now have a savings account like never before. Today we have no outstanding bills, just a small increase in our mortgage payment, but we also have a large amount of money in savings that allows us to live day to day with no financial worries or concerns about the future.  We still can’t believe what an amazing difference this has made to our monthly budget, we actually are ahead every month by over $1500, a big WOW for The Price Team.”

This couple has enough income to support mortgage payments and they wanted to maximize their borrowing power at 80% of the appraised value of their property. We made it happen.

Here is another excerpt from a testimonial from a sweet retired couple that we helped pay off all of their debts, with a strategy that leaves them with NO monthly payments.

“Thanks to Price Team Mortgages, we have been able to relax and feel assured that the rest of our retirement years will be secure. We no longer have to worry about struggling to make monthly mortgage payments, nor do we have any outstanding debts to pay down. We will be able to get our new roof and have a savings account for rainy days. We cannot express our gratitude enough.”

If this sounds like you or anyone you know, please get in touch with us today! You have more options than you think and WE WILL HELP!