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24 May


Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

We are born into this world into a home with our parents. Home is where the heart is. Home is where we feel safe, a place where we can let our hair down, have fun and be ‘us’. Home can be in an igloo, a wigwam, a cottage, a rental or a home that we own.

What is Home Ownership?

Home ownership means owning an asset through which we can create ‘tax free’ wealth. This for most of us if not all of us, in the beginning, means obtaining a mortgage to acquire a home with a minimum down payment.  What a huge benefit, being able to obtain the home of our dreams, be it the first or the last one, with leveraging.

How does Home Ownership Benefit You?

The immediate benefit of home ownership is appreciation of the entire asset, not just appreciation on the money you put in, like most other investments in this world. This is a huge opportunity for us to create wealth. But only if we are smart about it. Some are. Many are not!

The ‘wealth’ y people know how to leverage their capital to maximize their returns. This is what the banks do (to us) every single minute of every single day, to unsuspecting and uninformed Canadians. The rich have learned to use other peoples’ money to their advantage, while the masses have not and remain in the struggle of not getting ahead, or worse for many, living paycheck to paycheck.

Be Informed, Be Savvy

If you want to overcome your struggle and you want to get ahead in this increasingly crazy but still beautiful amazing world of ours, our advice is to become informed and savvy about your mortgage. If you do not educate yourself, you are unwittingly letting the banks take advantage of you, to put it mildly.

The Best Advice from Trusted…Respected…and Loved Professionals

Simply put, we give heartfelt informative advice; advice, that we would give to our own children. We care deeply and feel tremendous gratitude in helping our peeps get ahead financially and otherwise. We continue to be blessed with wonderful appreciative clients and now friends and acquaintances.  It’s a beautiful experience each and every day to be able to meet and provide guidance to such great people, especially those who have hit a ‘bump’ in the road and need to get back on track.

At Price Team Mortgages we love what we do, and now Tracy and I are so incredibly blessed to have two of our amazing daughters, Jennifer and Melanie, both moving, both building and bringing our two granddaughters to Fergus to make this community their new ‘home’. We are over the moon excited to announce they are joining us to make ours a true family business going forward which will continue with the passion and love we bring to you folks from our hearts.