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29 Dec



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Jill from Fergus called after being referred by a good friend who had a pleasant experience dealing with us. “if anyone can help you, these guys can,” she told Jill. Jill is a single grandmother who worked in a local factory until one day she could not lift her arms. Long story short, she was put on Workmen’s Compensation at her current wage at the factory and offered retraining. The training program ‘was a joke’ in her words. Jill was a retrained as an office worker and most of her duties involved typing which, of course, she could not do with her bad arms.. So she was trained on a program which enabled her to voice activate the keyboard.  When she finished the training she tried in in vain to find a job. “No companies have this type of technology,: Jill said. So when she couldn’t find a job in that field, Workmen’s Compensation cut her wages from $700 per week to $300 per week. That’s when Jill spiralled downward into a depression. She didn’t know where to turn. She quickly depleted all her resources and was living from hand to mouth while raising her granddaughter. Well thank goodness Jill called us. She had lots of equity in her home but it wasn’t doing her absolutely no good when it came to meeting everyday expenses. After all, you can’t eat Equity! We went right to work to find her a lender who would approve her for a mortgage at 65% of the value of her $220,000 home. She had maintained good credit and we were able to pay off her current mortgage of $65,000, her line of credit of $20,000 and the new mortgage we arranged for her at $150,000 gives her $50,000 to live on until she can work again or she can invest the money to earn extra income. It will also give her funds to hire a lawyer to help her fight Workmen’s Compensation. You see Jill really wants to work and she is too young to retire. She just needed us to give her a little “kick in the butt” to get her chutzpah back. Now that she has some money she will take on Workmen’s Compensation. Her mortgage rate has gone down a half a percent to 2.3 per cent and even with all the new money her mortgage payment is only $550 per month.

When we first met Jill she was pretty much beaten down by her circumstances. Now she is stronger and ready to fight. Jill, just needed someone to listen, to care and help her get control of her life again. And she doesn’t want to sit at home. She really wants to work at a job she can do! Doesn’t that kind of person deserve our help? A resounding ‘Yes” from the Price Team!

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