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2 Jun

Who stole Don Cherry?


Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Last weekend Don Cherry, our celebrity spokesperson, was stolen from our front door on Tower street. Thieves actually cut the wires that held the life size poster of Don. People have called to ask where this most recognizable celebrity has gone.

Who could do this dastardly deed?

Kids are crying, Women are wondering and men are hopping mad that Don has been kidnapped, especially with the playoffs on. We want our Don Cherry back. The latest scuttlebutt is that he is moving around Fergus, frequenting various local businesses. Please help us find him. If you spot Don please fill out a ballot to win one of many local(rewards) prizes and become eligible for the grand prize, one week summer vacation at Lighthouse Lane, a beautiful log home/cottage in Port Elgin on Lake Huron. Certain conditions apply. Listen daily for the latest sighting of Don Cherry on Magic 106.1 FM or check out his whereabouts in both the wellington advertiser and the Guelph Mercury. Prize winners will be announced weekly. The contest will run until Friday July 1st, Canada Day.                                                                                                                                  



                                            WHO STOLE DON CHERRY-CONTEST

We had a life size cut out of Don in our front door window on Tower Stret that was stolen on the May 24 weekend. We have decided to turn that ‘lemon’ into ‘lemonade’ with contest/promotion, and have fun with it.

When:June 3rd to July 1st Canada Day

Where:Local Fergus businesses;Bredalbain Inn, Tandori Grill, Stone Creek, Brew House, O’Briens, Goofie Newfie, DJ’s Pub, Remax, Freshco, Home Buildng Centre, Zehrs, Van Gali’s; locations subject to change.

What:A new life size cut out of Don will be left at the above locations for one to two days each this month. Final schedule to be determined. Each sponsor will post a ‘WHO STOLE DON CHERRY’ sticker in a prominent place (ideally front window)when Don is there. Patrons will submit ballots to win one prize from each establishment and be eligible for a Grand Prize on Canada Day, a one week summer vacation at Lighthouse Lane, a beautiful log home/cottage in Port Elgin on lake Huron.

How:Staff should be apprised of the contest and can give a ballot to every patron who asks about Don being there. Each sponsor will draw the winner of their prize when we arrive to move Don to another location. Since the real Don likes to have ‘a few pops’ now and then, we have placed emphasize on local pubs and restaurants for fun. Staff are not eligible. Balloters must be at least 21 years of age or more.

Promotion:The contest will be promoted daily on Magic 106.1 FM and carried weekly in the Welly and Guelph Mercury starting Thursday June 2nd. Locations will be revealed, with humour, and the prize winners will be announced. Four vehicles will also carry ‘WHO STOLE DON CHERRY’ decals around town throughout the contest. The contest will also be promoted on ‘’ and Magic 106.1 FM websites.

Thank you to all participating sponsors.

Warmest wishes,

Ron & Tracy Price

The Price Team