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4 Jun



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price


It was awesome to meet so many new and old acquaintances at last week’s Fergus Home Show.  Check out Tracy Luciani Facebook page; please send us your ‘likes’.

The draw was held Monday morning and the winner’s are: Joyce Sweeney of Elora for a Free Mortgage Payment, Rick Yuill of Elora  for the Classic Harley Davidson painting, and Debbie Denhoed for the Enriched Academy.Com  – Smart Start System for Financial Genius. Debbie has 3 kids…perfect! Congratulations to all of you.

We would like to suggest to all parents out there, that if you have teenagers, the Enriched Academy program is a wonderful, invaluable resource that they must have in their hands as soon as they reach age 13.  It encompasses more than saving, investing, budgeting, managing credit/debt to include Goal Setting, Building Character, Choosing Careers etc. Any youth or young adult who follows this program will become financially independent/wealthy. One of our DLC colleagues developed it for young people since our educational system does not teach them this stuff. It is a very worthwhile program and represents one of the greatest ‘gifts’ that you can give your child. Better yet, don’t give it to them, ‘encourage’ them to buy it with their first job earnings, or if you purchase it for them, have them pay you back right? That’s teaching them responsibility.  The 5 DVD series/package retails for $149.95 however for those of you who do your next mortgage or refer a new mortgage client to us (or a Home One Canada.Ca service bundle) will receive one free from us.

Congrats to Tracy for being honoured as the #1 Producer (3 years in a row now) with our franchise that includes over 70 mortgage consultants. Way to go Trace, you’re the best.  The Price Team/DLC  also placed in the top 12 with Dominion Lending Centres, Canada wide in 2011.