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13 Sep



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

When you need advice about where you stand, credit wise that is, before you apply for a mortgage, who  should you call first? folks the answer here is anything but gray, it’s black and white. The answer is us. When approaching your bank first for a mortgage, you are likely to be told at first “NO PROBLEM” only to end up disappointed if you have any credit issues whatsoever. The only thing your bank will tell you is that ‘Your credit is not acceptable’ without telling you why, and that they cannot help you. Not very helpful is it, because they leave you completely in the dark. And you leave your bank feeling like you are a loser, when you are anything but.

This is one of the big advantages we have over the banks, and there are many more. We review your credit standing in great detail with you. If there is an issue, we either structure the mortgage application to overcome the issue, or we show you how to correct it, and get you into a position to qualify for the mortgage you need.

Very few people even check their credit rating on their own once a year, which is recommended. Even if you understand how to maintain a good credit rating, you should still check periodically to make sure that nothing is on here that should not be. It happens more than you think. Mistakes, confusion by creditors about people with same or similar names etc., and then there is fraud, which has become incredibly sophisticated, evasive, and rampant these days.

When arranging a mortgage, the banks are very limited. They only have a few mortgage products, whereas we have only 40 lenders, and hundreds of mortgage products.

Then there is ‘Advice and Service’. We constantly hear from clients that ‘the bank never told me that before’ and ‘We can’t believe how easy it was to deal with you, and how responsive you were’

Why limit your options with a bank? Why put up with inferior advice and service when you don’t need to anymore. Folks, this is all we do. Mortgages, and we are the experts. Our industry has become mainstream. we have a 35% market share and its growing rapidly, mainly because Canadians are dissatisfied with their bank, and because many are learning that dealing with an experienced mortgage broker expert, is the best way to go…and they are telling friends and family like wildfire. if you haven’t used our services before, isn’t it time you did?