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2 Sep



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Would your bank call you up and suggest that they give you an ‘all time low’ interest rate now, instead of waiting for maturity next year, when rates will be higher. Of course not. The banks are looking out for their interests, not yours.

Well folks, we are dedicated to look after your interests. WE OFFER YOU A LOWER(than bank) RATE AND WILL SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the next term. WE GUARANTEE IT. And you don’t need to be concerned about the penalty. If there ever is a WIN/WIN this is it.

if your mortgage is renewing soon, later this year or even next year, we can help you SWITCH LENDERS FOR FREE, that’ no penalty*** no legal or discharge costs AND we’ll get you a better rate(saving you thousands more) than your lender will offer you.

If your current mortgage rate is 5 per cent or higher, we can save you big money and secure you an ‘all time’ low rate for another 5 years. How does a 2.1% or 3.84% mortgage sound to you. Please check out ‘our rates” at and see how much lower our rates are than the banks.

If you are thinking about refinancing to pay off your consumer debts, we may also be able to help you with the penalty. Invariably, the savings we fnd you far outweigh any penalty.. Most often, we can reduce your total monthly outlay by over 50%. for example, if your mortgage payment, credit cards, and loans total $3,500 per month, we can help you reduce this to $1,750 or even less.

Use the savings to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of, renovate your kitchen or buy a new car with cash(and eliminate a car payment) etc. Won’t that feel so good paying cash for a big ticket item. All you have to do is pick up the phone now and call us for a no obligation analysis. Do not delay, act now. Lastly for this week, we want to emphasize the importance of dealing with an experienced mortgage broker. Please be very careful who you choose. There are many new inexperienced mortgage agents out there that quite frankly do not know this from the stories we are hearing from new clients. They either received bad service or bad results. We are not slapping anybody. We are simply speaking the truth.

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