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11 Mar

Feels Like Spring. But Doesn’t Look or Smell Like Spring


Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price



Phew what a never ending winter. Just like the ones when I was a kid. 

As for spring, well we might just ‘Spring’ right into summer this year. Let’s hope it a good one. 

As the spring buying season warms up (even though the weather doesn’t want to) rates are once again near ‘all time lows’. It’s a great time to buy/sell a home. 

Listings are picking up so the ‘choice’ of inventory of homes is growing.  

If you own and want to buy but are afraid to sell first (then be under pressure to buy), call Ron for a great solution. You can put your house on the market and buy with confidence at the same time. And believe it or not you can renovate your new home to your liking before you move in. 

Sound like the makings of a great plan. Well it is. We can help you take the ‘Pressure’ out of the buying/selling process.  

We will be announcing next week with our Realtor partners, a new program that will make selling your home so much easier and faster. And you can enter the ‘Buying’ phase will much more confidence that everything will work out to your advantage.  

Please tune in next week for full details of our amazing new SELL FIRST THEN BUY program. Most people do it the other way around, and its pressure packed. Or they don’t do it all fearing all the pressure. 

Don’t miss next week’s article from ‘PriceTeamMortgages.Ca’. 

We are your real estate and financing solutionists. Our savvy professional advice helps you see the bigger picture and makes more things possible. 

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