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26 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

With increasing regularity, people are coming to us at the eleventh hour to help them get out of a power of sale situation. Many of them have significant equity in their properties that they stand to lose when it is completely unnecessary.
Homeowners miss payments for many reasons. Often the situation is temporary and can be fixed in the short term, whereas others such as divorce, acute health problems, job loss resulting from an industrial plant closing requiring re-education and/or new job training take much longer.
Unfortunately the banks do not care about your problems, the amount of equity in your home etc., or to work with you to do what is called a 'Workout' designed to help you remedy your situation. You miss 3 payments and they go legal the costs of the action against you mount up very quickly, and your equity drops like a stone.
It's a cruel world anymore folks when money is involved. There no longer is much compassion (any compassion from the banks) or desire to do what's right by helping the client find a solution.
Folks we constantly write about banks exposing their practices that you should be aware of. The above is one great example of why consumers should avoid getting a bank mortgage by choosing us instead. We will find you a mortgage with a non-bank lender who cares to do a workout with you should you run into trouble. We can assist you if you have a high ratio mortgage by liasing with CMHC or Genworth who both have workout programs and will intervene when a lender does not. We can get you a private mortgage to cure your problems. Unfortunately the banks use a sledgehammer to crush a bug so to speak. When you choose us, we also give you the best advice, most flexible solutions that will save you money, more compassionate lenders, better than bank rates, no collateral mortgages, lower penalties etc.
'Informed' consumers now choose experienced mortgage brokers over the banks because our services overwhelmingly protect your interests and save you money. It's a slam dunk decision and if you are one of our regular (informed) readers, then please remember to tell your loved ones and friends about us. We love this business, and it shows! Thanks much.