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31 Jan

Don’t Just ‘Google’ Call US


Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

Everyone believes that being a general contractor is easy, I thought so too until I recently acted as the GC for my house.  I didn’t work in any construction field going into it but I love challenges and learning, so why not have a little project -it’ll be easy- 😉 ?   What did I do first? Well the same thing most people do these days ‘google’.  I learned enough from google to get by while building my house, but by no means was I an expert.  The trades/ professionals that build houses everyday of their life are the true experts and that’s why I hired them. I put trust in the people that built businesses in this small community because I knew that they would do it right and I am very proud that I let them do what they do well!  All careers are the same in that there are professionals in each field for a reason. They live and breathe their careers every day, they are submersed daily in the experiences, knowledge, and information only available to their fingertips because that is their career something ‘google’ has yet to replace.

I’ve been involved in my family’s business for 15 years but only recently chose to submerse myself in this new career path of mortgages, I’m truly fortunate to be mentored by highly experienced mortgage professionals and I am very proud to be part of a small town business that is top of the industry.  In a short time I learned, just like I learned while General Contractor my house that there is so much more complexity and layers to this industry than ‘google’ leads you to believe.  There is a whole industry of mortgage professionals for us Canadians to utilize for their FREE knowledge and expertise that allow us to have competitive options for purchases, refinances, and renewals.  Call us first, we are here to work for you!