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10 Feb



Posted by: Tracy Luciani Price

The recent Bank of Canada (BOC) .25% reduction of prime rate was only reluctantly passed on to consumers more than two weeks later AND the big banks ‘Kept’ .10% to themselves TO PAD RECORD PROFITS EVEN FURTHER. Bank ‘prime’ was only reduced from 3.0% to 2.85% instead of 2.75%. The BOC acted intending to stimulate the economy. Thanks to our big banks ever so obvious greed, the change won’t do much after all.
Always, always, always whenever BOC prime goes up, the banks’ increase immediately. The banks’ actions, while not a surprise, continue to be disappointing and unabashedly callous towards the consumer.
Seemingly unstoppable greed abounds anymore, and in the mortgage business, it is ever so apparent. Daily we learn of examples of how the banks take advantage, whether it be bad advice, lack of disclosure, excessive penalties, or the collateral mortgage product that gives the banks a strangle hold over unsuspecting customers.
Without us, you would have no choice and no voice to guide you to make smarter, more informed choices when it comes to the biggest monetary transaction of your life; and one that actually provides you with a tax free opportunity to increase your wealth, faster than you know.
Did you know that hundreds, in fact the majority of our clients who listened to our advice and who took out ‘variable’ rate mortgages over the past five years, are now singing our praises and cannot thank us enough. Why? Because they can now see how much interest they have saved. Many of them are now renewing, and those that also followed our recommendation to make the equivalent fixed rate payment on their lower rate ‘variable’ have paid down their mortgages at a much faster rate than those on fixed rate. In short, they have saved tens of thousands of dollars in interest because they listened to us and believed what we were telling them about the direction of interest rates, this in the face of the banks never ending fear mongering that “RATES ARE GOING TO RISE SOON”. This bank tactic not only convinced most people to take a ‘safe’ fixed rate mortgage (with it’s much greater penalty potential), but it also at times caused those with variable rates to prematurely ‘lock in’ to a fixed rate. The rest as they say is history.
For your next mortgage, please call use first, or at least, get a second opinion.
If your mortgage is renewing or you want to refinance WE HAVE AN UNBELIEVABLE 5 YEAR FIXED RATE AVAILABLE UNTIL FEB 28TH OF 2.69%. DON’T WAIT, ACT NOW! Our best variable currently stands at 2.25%.